Dog training device PULLER MIDI (komplet 2szt). Ø 20cm View larger

PULLER MIDI (komplet 2szt). Ø 20cm

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PULLER MIDI (2pieces) 

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PULLER is the best thing for training, play and fun with the dog.

PULLER - It's the best thing because is able to provide the essential training for every dog. Only 3 simple exercises by 20 minutes = 5 km of intensive running= 2 hours of training with instructor. We send for you instrucion on the PDF to e-mail.


- The description of PULLER: exercises was drawn up by professional breeders of dogs, in the objective of simplification of training dogs and understanding between the coach and the dog. Majority of problems of owners of dogs in contacts with them it is a result of the lack of a joint physical effort and emotional bonds is holding prisoner, built through such shared games with the dog.


It isn't a teething ring!


Basic features:




It does't cause teeth or gum injuries


They withstood




He is floating


He is odourless






PULLER is very light is giving the possibility to lets play with the dog in the long time without the tiredness. It will be simple and comfortable play even for women, elderly people and children.


Not harmful


Gripper of special, non-toxic material. Teeth of the dog gently are punctured, not irritating gums.PULLER isn't breaking, isn't crushing and the dog won't choke on slices. PULLER isn't losing its shape and isn't losing his fundamental properties in the long time.


It will be inspected in every conditions


PULLER is floating and  good visible in the water. PULLER is floating and is visible. Thanks to that he is giving the possibility of committing himself to the play not only on the land but also in the water. It lets do the training/play with the dog in different conditions and in every area.


He is odourless


The lack of any strangers of smells coming from the device is very important for training the dog, since it won't be dispersed. In contrast with low-quality other similar products for dogs, PULLER won't leave the owner of the peculiar smell on hands.




To ensure well-being and maintain good physical health of the dog.


PULLER can turn out to be necessary .


Sometimes Dogs of large races take a break in winter a physical effort. What often results in injuries at first effort or the play. If you regularly do dog exercises with PULLER, you shouldent be afraid of these problems.

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