Double-sided FLYBER disc

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 Double - sided FLYBER disc

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Double-sided Flyber disc

The optimal size, unique shape and material makes it an ideal toy for most dogs.

Unlike sports discs, Flyber can be bitten and will not damage the delicate inside of the dog's mouth. Disk profiling makes it easy to take it off the ground. The middle part of the disk forms a dome, which makes the flying disk hang in the air, and after playing it can be used as a bowl to drink a dog. 

Flyber is made of a similar material as Puller or Liker. It is light and floats well on the water surface.

You also don't have to worry about your dog's teeth and gums because the material that Flyber is made of will definitely not damage them.

It is not toxic.

You shouldn't leave Flyber to play with the dog alone.

Remember that Flyber is not a TUG but a training  and fun.


Diameter: 22 cm

Edge height: 2.7 cm

Product weight: 124g


Advantages of Flyber double

  •  double disk- different flight trajectory
  •  unique material
  •  light and strong
  •  floats on wather
  •  does not break 
  •  it is odorless and non-toxic.



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