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AniFlexi Marine, 60 capsules

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AniFlexi Marine 60 capsules
Support for the development of cartilage in puppies
Problems with the locomotor system in dogs with allergies
Dysplasia and joint degeneration
Tracheal collapse

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Supplementary food for dogs, supporting the synthesis, regeneration and proper functioning of the joints. Product dedicated to animals suffering from degenerative disorders of the locomotor system.
The product is recommended prophylactically as a dietary supplement for young dogs during the period of intensive growth, who may experience abnormalities in the development of articular cartilage, and for adult dogs with a predisposition to joint diseases.

 The content of active substances  in 1 capsule
 Fish collagen 140mg
 Hyaluronic acid  30mg

Hydrolyzed collagen - the  basic protein that builds articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Collagen supports proper development, nourishes and regenerates joints and other connective tissues
in the body. Supplemented with degeneration of joints, it improves their mobility and flexibility, and visibly reduces pain.

Hydrolysed collagen from ocean fish is characterized by high bioavailability and can be safely used in animals prone to allergies, allergic to other protein sources.

Hyaluronic acid -  glycosaminoglycan, commonly found in animal organisms, in particular in synovial fluid. It ensures the correct viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid in the joint capsule, increases the flexibility of the joint and improves mobility.

The liquid form of the capsule content ensures perfect absorption of active substances.

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