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Muscle Booster 250g

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⇒ Builds and maintains fitness in sports dogs

⇒ Supports building muscle mass

⇒ Increases muscle strength, performance and endurance

⇒ Minimizes post-exercise damage

⇒ Supports post-workout regeneration


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Hydrolyzed beef protein - meat protein obtained from European beef. Protein enzymatic hydrolysis ensures excellent bioavailability, which minimizes the risk of catabolic conditions even in animals under heavy physical effort. It is the source of all essential amino acids.

BCAA - essential branched chain amino acids, necessary for the development of muscles and shaping the body of a sports dog. They increase the growth of muscle fibers and effectively protect them against catabolic processes.

Taurine - a biogenic non-protein amino acid with high biological activity. It accelerates muscle regeneration after training and intensifies anabolic processes, while minimizing muscle catabolism. It strengthens the contraction of the heart muscle.

Bromelain - an enzyme that breaks down protein, actively supporting the body's digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties - it inhibits the action of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins, thus reducing pain and swelling after sports injuries and accelerating wound healing.

Powdered eggs - the fat from the egg yolk provides energy but is also a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and phospholipids, e.g. choline, which has a health-promoting effect on the liver. Egg white is a source of valuable protein.

B vitamins - take part in metabolic changes leading to the production of energy, including obtaining energy from amino acids and the use of muscle glycogen. They take part in the process of creating red blood cells and positively influence the transport of oxygen to the cells. They contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Muscle Booster protein and fat supplement for canine athletes

Muscle Booster is dedicated primarily to sports dogs during periods of intense training. The combination of high-quality proteins, fats and functional additives such as: taurine, BCAA, bromelain and vit. from group B, provides a quick boost of energy and supports the development of muscle mass. At the same time, it increases the body's efficiency during exercise, favors achieving better training results and faster post-workout regeneration.

Muscle Booster, being a high-calorie product, is not the right choice for dogs with a healthy body weight and low activity, as it can cause them to gain weight and gain fat.

Due to the high content of protein and fat, the supply of the preparation should be consulted with a veterinarian in the case of: dogs with sensitive digestive tract, pancreatic, liver or kidney diseases. 

Muscle Booster as an aid in convalescence and return to perfect condition  

Muscle Booster is also a good solution for dogs convalescing after diseases with significant weight loss. High-quality nutrients accelerate the animal's recovery and recovery. The rich taste qualities can be used to make the food more attractive to "poor eaters" who, due to their "picky food", lose weight and have problems with maintaining the correct weight.


In addition, the preparation is also dedicated to breeding bitches during lactation and subsequent return to optimal condition.

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